Another 4000 steps. I’m lazy today. Stayed home all day except for groceries. I didn’t even cook!

Dinner is done! I went and grabbed lamb skewers with chips and cabbage salad. Half is in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. Was a bit stuck since I don’t usually work on a Monday. It’s hard when I’m here and there. No point stocking up on food as it will only go to waste.

And to make me feel better I have put my storage cage shelvings together. Mr Wanderer said he’ll help me with it down to the storage.

It’s not heavy! Just bulky! I’ll add the shelves once it’s been manoeuvred into the cage.

I can do it myself but it would be easier with an extra pair of hands. Plus I need to learn to not be too independent. To give him a chance to help me.

It’s hot hot over here! At the moment 35.6C or 96F with forecast of 39C or 102F for tomorrow.

One good thing I’ll be at work and it won’t bother me. By the time I finish the cool change would have come through.

I don’t know if I want to go for a walk now. It’s just after 8pm and it hasn’t cooled down for the night.

May be not. I’ll make up for my steps tomorrow at work. If last week is anything to go by it’s going to be mad! Since Tuesday is a public holiday.

Looking forward to tomorrow though. I miss him when he’s not around which is bad news for me! I’ve attached!

It’s nice he’s coming back tomorrow. It means he’s thinking of me. We are only a new couple! Still a lot of fine tuning and oiling.