Too much fun! I haven’t been posting. On Saturday he was late picking me up so I was annoyed at him! Not only that he was on the phone and I waited and waited.

His logic? He was busy! Me? I don’t have much to do thus he thought it was okie if he was late! I told him don’t waste my time! I had plans and I had to put them aside to wait for him. Two steps forward one step back as usual.

Our lunch stop. Macedon ranges.

The scenery is quite pretty. I thought the copper coloured trees were a type of eucalyptus. Turned out they were infected with a type of fungus.

For dinner we went to the pub in town . The counter meal was awful! His steak was over salted and my schnitzel had no taste!

We ended up pulling in opposite the Shell petrol station just out of Kyneton for the night. It has a gazebo, picnic tables and clean toilets!! That’s the best bit!

The churches were all together.

I just love them!

And more churches

I think I got them all šŸ˜‚

A blue stone house!

We spent the morning on our bikes then after lunch he had to work so I went wandering.

It’s a great town for a day trip. Lots to see and I didn’t even get to go into the galleries as we spent most of our morning wandering in vintage stores!

We ended up spending the late afternoon in Castlemaine. There was a live band playing at the Theatre Royal. After a drink there we went to the IGA to grab groceries for our dinner and we drove on to Harcourt.

The band was cool and the audience? From all walks of life..the hippies..the alternatives..the young and old and well just normal people having fun enjoying the afternoon in the sunshine. I’m glad we went.

We got to the campsite around 6pm. He told me he wanted to go for a bike ride and will be about an hour.

I was pretty much there in the middle of nowhere for an hour. If I thought about it it would freak me out.

I mean if someone came and attacked me or kill me? No one would know? These places hardly have any reception!

The sun setting as we get ready for dinner.

Very well thought of campsite. Except the toilet was elsewhere.

Picnic tables

Wish I was quicker! Can you see him looking at me?

For the mountain cycling enthusiasts this is where you’d want to camp!

Harcourt is well known for mountain cycling! Lots of tracks and all levels of difficulties.