Looking back on to the campsite. I left him alone to do some work whilst I went hunting for the toilets. They were about a 5 minutes walk away.

And ummmm are the thunder box ones or drop toilets! They were yuck 😩 When you got to go you got to go!

The park had lots of granite boulders

And logs already cut.

And they were big logs!

My hand and the log!

After the walk we went for a coffee at the general store near by. And then on to Bendigo.

Bendigo-Grumpy Queen Victoria! I had my chips and mini schnitzel with views to her as was still hungry. Three days of salad sandwiches did me in!

He had two meetings plus his rental to sort out thus he dropped the caravan off in front of his brother’s place and then me off in town to head to his parents.

That way I had access to the caravan if I’m bored since it’s only a half an hour walk from town.

His parent’s place was like 5km away, too far for me to walk back and apparently his mum is a stress pot so no good for me to go with him either.

Thus I wandered around Bendigo to waste my afternoon away. It’s not too big.

I decided to go watch a movie instead of going to the galleries. I was the only person watching. A bit spooky 😂 At least I didn’t have to wear a mask!

It was near 6pm when the movie finished and well didn’t hear from him so I walked back.

Booked the Railway Hotel in Castlemaine for dinner at 7:30pm. We made it 2 minutes late! Knowing his track record I gave him a 30 minutes leeway! Bendigo is only 30 minutes drive from Castlemaine.

The thing is on a Monday night? Good luck with trying to find anything opened in a small country town! Everyone closes Monday and Tuesday. And with COVID some only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

He wanted dinner in Elphinstone but I had no luck with booking dinner.

After dinner we went driving! He wasn’t very organised winging it. We drove all the way to the Warburton bridge campsite only for him to decide he needed the internet and thus had to cut across back to Kyneton to camp for the night.

The trip costed us more than an hour of driving. Near hit with a kangaroo that just stood there in the middle of the road. And a third of the driving on an unsealed road. Wasn’t pleasant at all.

Not only that he overshot and had to back track! We didn’t get to the campsite until after 10pm. When it should have only taken us 30 minutes from Castlemaine!

The next day he got up at 5:30am and decided we’d better head back! It took us an hour and a half to get back to Melbourne! Or more! Because of traffic and dodging tolls! Apparently if you drive a vehicle capable of towing 2 tonnes it’s considered commercial and well they charge the tolls accordingly..ie. double the amount!

To give you an idea Kyneton is only about 90km or 56 miles from Melbourne!

Problem was I don’t have caravan parking at my place. Thus the plan was a quick drop off then he went to find somewhere to park and come back for breakfast.

Whilst he was gone I brewed espresso coffee and got the cereal ready. We did have a cuppa, shared a muesli bar and a banana on the way back.

Plan B was if we headed back late he’d go straight to his house! He’ll go to his meeting and I’d potter around. Do the laundry and the gardening. Go somewhere for lunch then when he gets back he’ll take me back home.

And that was our trip away!

This Sunday I’ve got my cousin’s little girl’s birthday. She’s turning 2. He was supposed to go to Tocumwal but now he’s off to Bendigo!

So on Saturday I’ll take the kids back in the morning and head to his place to have lunch and spend time with him.

As at night he’s got dinner with his boss and client.

Sunday morning I’m heading to my parents to pick them up to go to the birthday. It’s in Bittern about an hour 15 drive away. Dad is getting old and well mum is worried about long distance driving.

Fingers crossed he’ll be back Sunday night. As he’s still working from home but all that might change come Monday. His office floor will be less than 50% even with his whole team there since the contractors are WFH.

He’ll know today if that’s the case. It sucks as it means no more trips away lol