Last weekend we went away. First stop was to have lunch at Werribee Gorge. Then we went exploring.

It’s quite pretty but would probably take all day! One track was 10km with an approximate 5 hours for the hike.

You wouldn’t want to be caught out starting too late.

How cool is this? Can you see the gorilla’s face? I didn’t see it until I reviewed the photo at home.

And yes we had to use the rope to get to the beach. The hiking was level 3 which means moderate not hard or super hard!

After that we headed off to Creswick Regional Park to camp. We made a new friend. I think Mr Wanderer thought she was awesome. I got a tiny bit jealous 😩 who wouldn’t? She’s tall and pretty and she camps!

He paid attention to her all night and suggested we camp together next time. He offered her his number 😩

Anyhow the next day we had coffee in town and I held two gentlemen in a Bentley captive with my stories. Only thing is they were in their 70s 😩

That night we ended up in Vaughan. Another camp site.

Lots of water coming through the mineral water spring.

It’s a mountain biker’s piece of paradise. It’s part of the Gold fields track.

I loved it. Plenty to explore.

On the far left is the toilets. BBQ facilities and heaps of picnic tables and low platforms to sit on or for napping.

I’d come back again. How I judge a campsite? Clean toilets!

The facilities are located near the bottom of the slide. You are not allowed to camp near the picnic area. There’s a designated camping area to the left of the slide. Not too far away.

That night we ate in or rather out until I got bitten! I had about 10 mossie bites. I think they love me!

And there goes the weekend!