How terrible is this? They’ve stolen everything except for the frame! Someone’s not going to be too happy! I went to Vic Gardens to find bike shorts.

Then waited for my girl at the mall. The three men makes it easier to find her. They are sculptures of businessmen. During Covid someone placed masks on them. Last night one had flowers and another had a cigarette stuffed in his mouth.

They must have been celebrating Lunar New Year! A bit late but better than never.

We had Chinese for dinner! Ribs with mandarin sauce and spinach with dried scallop sauce.

To go with our congee! I had mine with sliced Abalone.

Then we walked up to Carlton to digest and had ice cream with our walk back.

It’s lovely to see a lot of people eating out! Supporting the struggling hospitality sector.

That’s what Melbourne is all about! Theatre shows, sport, coffee and food.

As for Mr Wanderer we are off today to South Gippsland. Thank goodness for that. I get him to myself rather than sharing him around.

It’s 7:37am now. I’ll do groceries first before I head to his place. I’ve told him 10-11am. That way it gives him time to sort himself out.

I’ll go to the market too to grab some fish and vegies for tonight’s dinner. I suspect he hasn’t been eating healthy at his friend’s place. He told me he’s dying for vegies.

On that note I’d better get up.