Behind! I’m like half a week behind! It’s already Saturday.

We ended up staying in Kyneton on Monday night. I had to be in the CBD for the Windsor hotel CPD at 10:15am.

He had a site meeting in Campbellfield at 11am.

Thus it was just easier for me to catch the train back. Since it doesn’t make sense for him to drive me back and then have to drive back out for his meeting.

The thing was there was no trains! Well the train only go to Gisborne. Then it’s a replacement coach all the way in. Gisborne is about half an hour drive from Kyneton.

In the end I asked him to drive me to Gisborne. We woke up at 6:45am and left 10 minutes later thinking we will have breakkie in Gisborne before he sees me off on the coach at 8:20am.

We got there around 7:25am..bought milk and got to the station at 7:30am. He dropped me off to sus out the coach and he drove off to find parking.

By the time I came back to say good bye it was 7:38am. Me being cautious wanted to give him a kiss and cuddle and head off. The earlier coach was due to leave at 7:55am.

He was like plenty of time as he wanted to give me breakkie before I went. Anyhow he made me a small bowl of cereal. And I gulped it down.

I pretty much ran to the coach! I was the last person on because replacement coaches don’t leave on time! They leave once the coach is filled up! The coach left at 7:43am! And we got in at 8:30am.

And yes little Miss V had a coffee and a second breakkie! Zucchini and corn fritters with a poached egg, spinach, avocado, chutney and sweet potato chips.

Ummmm it looked better than it tasted! The fritters were soft! The egg tepid and the avocado not ripe. Instagram worthy though.

I had dinner with the kids that night at a dumpling place. It was awful! So oily!

Wednesday I worked. That night I had dinner in Box Hill. Popped by the kids to have a look at their mini jump-starters. I ordered for them for their cars.

Then I drove to Mr Wanderer’s house to spend the night.

My idea was that I needed to pick up my stuff as he’s off cycling this weekend. I also wanted to give him cuddles. And well I had to go to a garden place 5 minutes from his place to buy a pump for my water feature.

My Made in China pump from Bunnings carked it after 2-3 months.

My fountain is back! This time with a German made pump! Costed twice as much as the crap I bought. Fingers crossed it will last longer.

I did manage to go to Ikea too to buy him some matching containers for his caravan! Which entitled me to free parking for 4 hours so I could host a Meetup lunch! And that was pretty much my Thursday!

One thing though or well two things! That morning I was flipping through his album thinking they were travel photos!

It turned out they were kind of but also personal photos of him and one of his exes. They were kissing too! So he does know how to kiss!

The second thing was Mr Nipple Clamper came to pick up his AC. And of course we bumped into each other.

He was like Hi I’m T…and I was like we’ve met before! Don’t think he recognised me.

Mr Wanderer helped him with his AC then helped me with my bike into my car and then he ran back inside!

So I ran after him! I wanted to say good bye with a kiss and cuddle! The tears came rolling in the car.

He apologised later on and told me he was quite stressed. He had a meeting that was half an hour drive away. The client didn’t confirm til late! He was also scared that he might have another fall out with his friend.

I was like you know he’s going to know we are still together! You can’t hide me forever? Plus he didn’t recognise me!

****I had 2 dates with Mr Nipple Clamper..upon finding out about his kinks, rope tying and nipple clamping I ditched him..I ditched him two Christmases ago only to date Mr Wanderer 1-2 weeks later. I had no idea they were mates! Thinking back it made sense! They both had similar interests.