That was when my last post was! Where did the week go? It’s Friday again.

Last Friday was a blur! I just fluffed at home then cooked for the kids.

He didn’t let me know until 5pm that he had time off! Thus I then had to apply for my Wednesday off!

Saturday I left early to grab pastries for lunch with my friend.

Saw these on the way back

We had lunch to discuss business. Then walked to the park for coffee and pastries.

Sunday I rushed around. Had a walk in the morning with my meetup group.

Found a new cafe Austro in South Melbourne. See their cinnamon scrolls? They were yummo.

I had lunch at the market and grabbed groceries to cook for the kids. Went home to chuck them in the fridge and made my way back into the city.

Bought a pair of hiking shoes and back pack.

Went to my salsa class and came back to cook for the kids.

It was a full day as I knew we were leaving on Monday and not sure when we will be back. Thus had to forward the kids’ dinner to Sunday.

Monday morning around 9:30am he rang to say he only got home from his bike trip. And that it would be a few hours before he can pick me up.

So of course I fluffed. Had lunch early thinking I’ll do the groceries later. Plus since it’s not an overnight hike I had to repack everything into my overnight bag

His tent! Very easy to pitch! One minute it was down and the next it was up!

He was busy making the fire pit on Friday before his bike trip. It’s from a stripped hot water service tank.

We christened his fire pit. He had a BBQ plate that fitted on it to cook our food and boil our water. The flue was an old down pipe. He needs still to make it wider as it’s too narrow!

On the way down we collected firewood.

He was like look for gum trees. As they tend to drop their limbs! That’s why you never ever set up camp under gum trees! They are called widow makers!

Then he tells me you know collecting firewood along the road side is illegal? We must be discreet!

Next thing? His chainsaw and ear muffs came out. I cracked up laughing. Very discreet.

As for him? He’s packed everything except the kitchen sink! His Ute was chocker block! Spare battery for the pump for our shower! His camping box with all of his crockery. His tools! Leaf blower to sort out the fire!

I thought when he said he had sleeping mats that they were the thin type! It turned out they were foam mats that were 100mm thick! They were nice and comfy!

Our base camp was at Lake Elizabeth campsite in the Otways. Quite a good campsite. Each lot had a picnic table and bench.

We were going to move on after one night. I think his friends got tired after all their hiking we ended up staying put for the two nights. They’ve been hiking for near 3 weeks. Plus with all the stuff we had, to set up again after a long day of hiking would be a pain.

He kept on muttering it’s embarrassing 😂 my friends are going to laugh at me!

Some part was dark! Rainforest!

The lake was very pretty. The photo didn’t do it justice.