Maldon is a small town in the gold fields region. It’s a notable town as it’s intact! Quite pretty and cute.

We didn’t end up going for coffee as he was running late for Bendigo.

Like usual he would unhitch near a visitors’ centre. That way plenty of people around and toilets near by for me. Which means I’m safe and also no one would steal our caravan.

I didn’t think there was enough to see but there was. Not many shops were opened on a Monday thus I went walkies exploring the town.

Half a day is plenty unless you want to go walkies up the mountain! I couldn’t be bothered. It’s about 45 minutes walk from town. So 1.5 hours return.

Maldon is about 2 hours from Melbourne and a bit over half an hour from Bendigo.

I couldn’t decide if it’s hot or cold. It was okie just wet!

A converted church.

An old advert.

Working on my tour whilst enjoying a coffee and croissant.

Old shop fronts

I think I like Maldon. Quite picturesque.

They were doing road works to bury power lines underground and restoring shop fronts. Lots of utes and tradies’ vans.

They still uses the old petrol pumps.

I thought it was just for display šŸ˜‚