The month we did it bare I’m late! I’m like 10 days late which isn’t the norm. Usually I’m at least a few days or a week early.

He’s worried about me being pregnant. Which is fair enough but there’s no way I am. I’m double clipped! And my youngest is turning 18 so the chances of me preggo is zilch!

We didn’t end up leaving Melbourne until after 5pm on Saturday.

Thus we didn’t end up in Avoca. He chose Mt Franklin instead. On our way there. Stopping to collect firewood.

That night we had trout cooked in a camp oven on coals from the fire. Vegies in a billy in the fire pit.

Mt Franklin camping ground is the crater of an inactive volcano. The noise echoes and it was noisy as.

Felt like every man and his dog was there! Not a very pleasant place! And pit toilets 😩

I went for a walk on Sunday alone. He spent Sunday morning bike riding. Then he came back buggered.

After lunch he wanted to work on his emails and told me to go walkies. He couldn’t be bothered to walk.

It’s quite pretty.

Look at this cutie!

It curled up in a ball when I got close.

I took this in the rain.

After the walk we moved camp to Maldon.

It was less busy. I counted may be 4-5 caravans? Much more pleasant place and to my surprise proper toilets!

You have no idea how a proper toilet can brighten one’s day! Pure happiness!

Mr Wanderer was stubborn as! He was determined to light his fire in the rain! It took a very long time for it to start.

The fire after it stopped raining. We stayed the night in Maldon. With plans for us to go have coffee together in the morning before he heads off to Bendigo.

One good thing about the rain? He didn’t end up going to Bendigo on Sunday! The other good thing? He had a migraine on Friday so he didn’t want to drive far so I didn’t end up sharing him with another woman!