Where did the time go? Last weekend I made an effort to see him on Saturday before he headed off to a concert with his sister staying overnight in his caravan.

I helped him prepare the caravan and yet I wasn’t going to be going in it. I did it as he was busy.

His sister’s friend had tickets to a concert. And since I was busy preparing for my tour on Sunday he accepted his sister’s invite to go.

He didn’t get back til 6:30pm Sunday. We had a really late dinner. I usually eat around 7pm and dinner was supposed to be 8pm ended up being after 8:30pm. He was late.

He must have felt bad as he took me out to lunch on Monday. Guess where we went?

Fitzroy for lunch. He treated me to tacos and coffee. Well I didn’t have coffee. I had a hot chocolate.

I cooked him dinner and he left around 10pm. I was hoping he’d stay the night. That didn’t happen.

So I was glad when he left. As I wanted to go to bed. He left with some of my prunings. My lime tree cut right back.

He spent all the time after dinner working! He told me it’s to make up for our time in Fitzroy.

Ummmm okie he’s supposed to be at work. Our drive there and back he was on the phone to clients.

We ate our lunch in probably 10-15 minutes? He then proceeded to tell me he’d better ring his boss.

That went on for 40 minutes? Or more?

Then we went for a walk to the record store which he spent another half an hour asking the sales person about a record player and amp.

I ordered coffee whilst he talked to more clients. We drank our drink in 5-10 minutes?

After we got back he spent another hour on the phone with his “mate”

I went groceries shopping and cooked. Whilst he worked.

So although he was with me he wasn’t really with me.

Lately I’ve been feeling lonely. I’m the one that hold his hand. When you hold someone’s hand they are supposed to grip yours back. He just leaves his hand limp in mine

He doesn’t kiss me. I’m the one that’s always kissing him. We don’t really kiss when we have sex or cuddle.

He’ll slap my butt to turn to my side away from him. He’d then put it in.

I wish I had someone that wants to spend time with me. Who wants to hold me in his arms and gives me kisses.

Tonight we were talking about stuff and he tells me he’s not very good at being a boyfriend.

He still can’t tell me what we are doing this Easter weekend. Or if he wants to spend it with me. He says his head hurts.

Since his sister is going to Bendigo his dad expects him there on Friday. His mate is going up the Murray river with his friends . So not sure if he wants to go to join them. He also wants to go for a bike ride.

Where am I in this picture? I don’t know. I jokingly said looks like if you’re going with your mate or your sister it doesn’t include me?

He replied they are just options. He hasn’t had time to think about them.

I wouldn’t mind going away. Easter is usually when I celebrated my anniversary with my ex..I’d hate to be alone.