Our treat from work! Massive box of Easter eggs! I only took a few! Need to watch me pot!

Mr Wanderer pinched my love handles the other day and told me I’m getting fat 😩

Today was such a beautiful day I decided I’d better paint! My neighbour wanted to change the colour and well we privately both agreed why the hell not?

He’s started on his side ages ago. He did offer to do my side for me but I declined! Today painting mine I offered to finish off his side.

It’s looking good. Will do another coat after lunch.

This Easter weekend is turning out to be more troublesome than its worth.

I can’t go away tonight as I’ve got the kids tomorrow night. He knows that! And well I don’t like cancelling late!

I also have to be back for work the Wednesday!

So it looks like if we do go we have to go Saturday early and come back late Tuesday night. I’ve offered to set up the caravan for him tomorrow.

I’ll head off to do groceries soon. As the shops are closed tomorrow.

Might make a casserole for the kids for tomorrow and take away some for the trip.

His options:

Bendigo with his sister tomorrow- too hard

Cycling with his mates in the high lands. Doesn’t include me!

Going to the Murray up north! Doesn’t work as I can’t leave til Saturday and his mate will only be there Thursday and Friday night.

Then staying in Tocumwal for clients on Tuesday. Have dinner with them and stay the night coming back Wednesday morning.

Ummmm who am I going to have dinner with? When he goes off to have dinner ? And I still need to work on Wednesday.

He still want to squeeze in half a day of cycling.

In the end he told me he’ll think about it and will let me know later. I know he wants to include me. Just logistically too hard sometimes.

He just wings it and I can’t! I need lots of notice to sort out my plans. I can’t just drop everything 😩

At least he’s considering me now with my time with the kids.

The thing is? As days goes by I know why his relationships never worked! Who’s going to be flexible enough to accommodate him? I mean the way he operates you can’t plan anything! It’s frustrating!

I can’t depend on him to be around either when I really need him.

How on earth does a relationship work if you can’t spend time together?