We started early on Saturday. I was annoyed at my kids as only one came for dinner. If I had known I’d have canceled and we could have gone on Thursday night.

We got to Dunkeld in the afternoon after stopping for coffee and lunch.


Sculpture and old saw mill.

Where the workers slept.

We camped at the reserve.

The wild animals Mr Wanderer sent me on his bike ride.

Google map thinks there’s water where we camped.

They couldn’t be more wrong..

We climbed two mountains on Sunday and none yesterday.

Mt Sturgeon, grade 3-4. It was a steep climb but the trails were very easy to follow.

It’s really pretty.

On the way back Mr Wanderer didn’t want to back track so we went back the forbidden way climbing over barriers and opening gates! They closed the trail because of upgrading works.

Luckily for us we didn’t have to climb back up the mountain since the walk ways were only missing hand rails!

He’ll be the death of me! He’s adventure seeking and I’m the cautious type😩

I was out of sort all weekend. We had quite a few quarrels. I nearly packed up and left. If only I didn’t care so much for him.