I poured out my heart out last weekend. I confided in him that I don’t know if I’m making another mistake being with him?

We climbed up to the Chimney Pots. I was climbing with tears in my eyes.

We haven’t seen each other all week and yet he didn’t want sex. Saturday night zilch. Then Sunday morning he delayed til the afternoon. We were in bed before the climb and still he didn’t want anything. He cited we’d better climb as it’s getting late.

I was like how much more rejection can a girl take? Coming from someone who had sex every day of the week. I had heaps of FWB that serviced me.

He was trying to be cute to try and cheer me up. He assured me he’s picked a leisurely climb.

Leisurely climb my arse! It was a grade 4 climb!

It was so much harder than Mt Sturgeon. Mt Sturgeon was a steep climb but at least the trail was visible.

We didn’t even get to the top. Chimney Pots was not only steep. Half the time you have to look for the trail!

Being on the wrong side of the mountain made it that much scarier. It was after 5pm (6pm daylight savings time) and we were still pretty high up. From what I can gather we had 1.5 hours of day light left to get back down.

We were ill prepared to spend the night up the mountain! We had a cup of water left each. A few muesli bars, some grapes and 3 slices of bread.

I wasn’t worried about the food. I was worried about the water! We had nothing to start a fire and he was in such a hurry to leave both of us were in shorts and T-shirts. No beanies and no fleecies.

It was an awful descent. Rocks and loose stones. I pretty much didn’t see much apart from my feet! I was paranoid one false step and my ankles would be a goner.

The trail was hardly visible. Really had to concentrate to find it. Mr Wanderer went first to try and find the yellow markers. I asked him to not go too far ahead as then I won’t be able to follow him.

Cautious as I was I still fell. Using my hand to balance myself on the way down was a bad idea!

I had no tissues just a groceries receipt to wipe off the blood. Couldn’t waste the water we had.

Mr Wanderer performed bush first aid 😩 aka he used his spit as disinfectant! Luckily I had band-aids.

I always have them on me along with my Panadols, Nurofen, Claratyne and Ventolin. My mini first aid kit. I mean I know me too well! I’m a clumsy klutz! I did have tissues but they were in the pocket of my fleecies 😩

It’s quite creepy when you’re surrounded.

We managed to get back just before 6pm. Half an hour before sunset. I was never so relieved to see that cross road sign. It meant we were only about half an hour to the caravan.

Never again! That was a lesson in itself! Never go hiking late!

As for Mr Wanderer he loved it! It was quite an adventure for him.