I know why. It was an emotionally fueled weekend for him. After the hike we had a little nap before we headed into Heathcote for lunch.

My first choice at the Heathcote Inn was closed. They had too many sick staff thus they closed the restaurant.


Their menu looked scrumptious!

My second choice was either Fodder or Fetching Treasures. Since he’s gone to FT before we ended up with Fodder. Some English grub. We saved my steak for dinner. I did go buy pumpkin, mushroom and a dip to supplement our meal.

That night he celebrated being a grandfather! After our initial G&T he opened an expensive bottle of wine. He told me it was like $60. I had a few sips. He drank it all. I just let him. He was just drowning his sorrows. He’s estranged from his daughter for 7 years now whom til now he’s still unsure of her paternity.

I told him she must be his. Her eyes are like his sister’s eyes. Which made it worse. As that means he’s got a grandson he’ll never hold.

I thanked him for sharing her photo with me. All I could do was hold him to comfort him. It’s a sad state of affair all around.

We cooked our meal with the fire pit. Hope you can view. You can hear us in the background.