He was late as usual and no lunch at 2:10pm when he came to pick me up. I wasn’t impressed!

Knowing he wouldn’t have had time to eat cramming all the stuff he had to do I made him lunch. Cucumber sticks and a tuna and cheese toastie. I also filled up my thermos for some tea or coffee for our trip.

Like all of our other trips by the time we got to the country town coffee pit stop the cafes were all closed.

This was our pit stop. By the side of the road. He had a short nap and I made him an instant. Apparently he was out partying til 2am the night before.

I only found out the reason later!

That night we settled in Heathcote with some G&T by the fire. For dinner we had the curry with some toasts and broccolini. It felt cold. I was frozen.

We didn’t realised that we were at the wrong end of the park. At the Dargile picnic ground! We couldn’t do the hike we wanted (Pannells track). He was too lazy to move the caravan.

The walk from the picnic ground was boring! At least it was flat and we walked most of it side by side which was nice for once.

Only thing was we shared the track with the motor bikes! They revved up the dust and was really noisy!

The trees looked like they were planted in rows.

The terrain was so different from the ones we’ve hiked recently.

That night we moved camp. He asked me which one? There were 3 to choose from! Warburton Bridge, Harcourt and Maldon.

I chose Maldon! Warburton Bridge by the Loddon river is usually chockers. Harcourt freaks me out as it’s so isolated.

As for Maldon? Only a few campers and the best bit? It’s got normal toilets not the pit ones! He obliged!