They are called twin cities as they are very close to each other.

Remember Wodonga? Today I experienced its twin Albury.

We left early for Ned Kelly’s country. For once we made it to a cafe! I think we were their first customer.

Mr Wanderer drove non stop. After morning tea he dropped me off in Wodonga.

With plans for me to walk to Albury and for him to go on a bike ride. Then we’ll meet up after lunch at the hotel.

The routes. I was worried I wouldn’t make it to lunch so I skipped the loop.

The park.

The cargo train was very very very very long!

The tree

The cows

The gate! This was at the border.

My lunch! At 1:50pm. The waiter asked me if I would like some cutlery with it? I told him yes as how else am I going to eat it? What a silly question!

Mr Wanderer ran late again! I phoned him at around 2:20pm saying the hotel won’t let me check in as it’s under his name! He told me he was 10km away from his car and that for me to wait for him..which meant he’s about an hour away! 3pm he rang to say he had miscalculated and he’s still riding to get to his car!

It was only 4:30pm when he rang to say he’s in the hotel and for me to come up 😩 my phone tells me I’ve done 24500 steps today!

Felt much better after my shower and cup of tea. We had a nap before going out to dinner.

We walked together for half of the way then he went one way and I went the other way. When there are clients involved I steer clear. He told me once we can never eat at the same place as he’ll keep on looking at me and he won’t be able to focus

And my cocktail

They made a boo boo and a pizza came out instead of my cocktail! It’s because they shared the same name 😂

I walked back to the hotel through a laneway. No urine graffiti and no homeless. I only dared to walk after Mr Wanderer assured me it’s quite safe.

Laneway art