We shagged the night before. He texted me around 9:30pm asking which bar would I recommend? I replied they close at 10pm. His reply..I’ll come back then.

We shagged again yesterday morning. A quickie he called it. Then straight into the shower. No cuddles or nothing. I joked Mr Wham Bam Thank You Mam.

Then we couldn’t have breakfast together as he was eating with clients. The clients bailed out on him so he phoned me to see if I’d join him. I came down just to be with him seeing he was downing a continental breakfast. I’d rather save myself for a nice breakfast.

After waiting for him to finish I went back up and we got ready to depart. He had his arms full so couldn’t give me a proper hug. By the time I checked the room and came out he was already gone.

I went to search for his car to give him cuddles and he shooed me away like someone he didn’t want to know. All that was on his mind was that he didn’t want his clients to see us together. So instead of cuddles I got two honks of his horn as he drove off.

The endless waiting for him the day before. The callousness of him treating me before he left for work made me felt like I was nothing. He’s reduced me to minute being. I actually questioned why I came on the trip? Why did I bother?

I came because I wanted to spend time with with him. Or else we don’t get see each other.

I’ll post photos in another post. I texted him all day just to let him know where I am.

I never got a reply until 10:30pm. I must be a slow learner.

I didn’t bother to text back. He’s texted me a joke this morning. I’m giving him the silent/no text treatment.

Last night I went out to a Meetup dinner. It was organised months before. It’s so I could catch up with Bob the Builder

Mind you Bob the Builder is a big guy. He’s over 6f tall and big framed and a pot belly to match. I love rubbing his belly. And as for hugs he gives one of the best ones. It’s like a bear hug. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

After two hugs from him I felt much better. We said our good byes at the corner near my tram stop. We used to date but I let him go. We still catch up once in awhile as friends. I don’t meet him one on one. Just at Meetup dinners and that’s like once or twice a year.

His good bye last night..you have my number! Let me know if you want more hugs. He confided in me he hasn’t had sex all year.

Being in lockdown was particularly hard for him with no human contacts.

He was like we don’t have to do it. Just you lying on top of me in the nude is enough. He just wanted to feel another person. He craves the physical touch.

I’m the same. I crave it. I crave the cuddles. I crave just someone there to hold me tight.

Made me think of something I wrote a long time ago..

We don’t have to do it
We can just lie here in this old bed of yours
We can talk about yesterday and tomorrow too 
We don’t have to do it
We can just look into each others eyes
We can hold each other till the morning light 
We don’t have to do it
We can just lie here
We don’t have to do it
We can just lie here