In Victoria we’ve got 1 case of COVID! A handful in the whole of Australia. An enviable situation when compared with the rest of the world.

Our borders are pretty much shut! Being an island continent it’s easy to achieve. No one flies in or out!

Though I doubt that’s the case. I’ve heard of people flying in and out for business! And whatever else. It’s just not publicised.

The government have just announced our borders will be shut til mid next year. There’s been an outcry of frustration!

Guess no travelling to anywhere for the foreseeable future.

Life goes on as normal here except for QR codes and masks on public transport and in hospitals.

This Sunday I’m off to the caravan show with Mr Wanderer. I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been thinking and thinking. Rather than upgrading to a 2 bedrooms I might buy a campervan and go exploring.

I like this VW one called Trakkadu from Trakka. Just like a car but all decked out. It looks expensive but it would suit me to a T. I’m not keen to tow anything or having something too high or too big.

My treat yesterday at work! Not only did the nursing staff got treats so did we! We scored a cupcake each and a voucher for a hot drink. Since the cafe at the hospital is now in-house the girl that served me was like which size would you like? Large or small?

I ended up with a large Chai Latte!