Yesterday I thought he went to Bendigo! Anyhow he ended up in Sunshine at his rental instead. Only to text me if I wanted to catch up after?

Meanwhile I spent Mother’s Day at my parents with my two kids in tow. I bought lunch for everyone. Two of my sisters were there.

He didn’t ended up in Bendigo as he couldn’t be stuffed. His neck was sore. He was whinging when he left me at 11am saying how half the day is gone. We had gone for a short walk along the beach.

It was only last night that he told me he had a client’s appointment in Melbourne at 9am this morning!

Today I gave him breakfast and off he went to work.

He looked a bit better as we went to bed reasonably early. And he’s been using his wheat bag on his neck.

I think he’ll head to Bendigo in a day or two. No idea when.

Today I headed to the community kitchen to cook. We made two soups, potato and zucchini soup, beetroot and carrot soup, banana and pear muffins and yummy muesli bars.

The ladies are about 10 years older than me. They are good company. This is one of the recipes we worked on today. It was yum! I had the bits that stuck to the cooling rack!

I came home exhausted and have had a nap.

One good thing this weekend I managed to hang my art on my wall. The three little birdies represent my three kids. And the resin art I made at a class.

I also managed to go to Bunnings to buy poles for my tarp all ready for the rainy season. Waiting for Mr Wanderer to bring me his 2 spare tent pegs.

He still want to weld me something. But waiting for him will take forever.