We’ve been together now for nearly 1.5 years. He’s been bugging me about my clothes lines cover.

He has been wanting to make it! As for me I’ve been hesitant as he’s been busy and I didn’t want to add to his load.

Lately he’s still busy but I can tell he’s been itching for a new project so I gave him the drawings.

Might as well strike whilst the iron is hot! He’s like an energiser bunny. He just can’t stop! I’ve never really see him sit still. He’s like the adult version of an ADHD kid.

He’s supposed to be making a rack for his Ute tray. But Mr Wanderer is still contemplating the design of it. It needs to cover his whole tray so people can’t steal his tools as he’s only got a soft top. It also needs to be dual function so that he can secure his bikes on.

My first one which I’ve had a rethink as there’s no crossbar out the front to keep the tarp from flopping.

So then this is the second version. He couldn’t make heads or tails of it. He then asked me for a drawing with it sitting on the clothes lines itself.

I only wanted it to sit on top of half the clothes lines as that’s the uncovered bits. The rest is pretty much protected.

Last night at around 11:30pm he sent me this photo. The steel has all been cut. He just needs to weld them together.

It’s on its way!