I’m done! Yesterday I downloaded the leave form! I’m asking for two weeks!

My way of saying I’ve had enough! I need a breather! I’ve never taken time off! I’ve racked up 11 weeks of annual leave!

I’m thinking of heading up to Queensland where it’s nice and warm! Visit my bestie!

He’s done it! He texted the photo to me last night at near 11:30pm. My rack is done! Can’t wait til I get to use it! As for Mr Wanderer not sure where he is? Probably still in Bendigo as he had a meeting there this morning. He drove up early like at 6am today.

Today I went out to have lunch with one of the kinder mum! It was her day off!

Then because we chatted so much my lunch date didn’t finish til 5pm! Our kids are friends as well! They’ve been friends since kinder. They are now 25 years old!

So then I headed back into the city to grab dinner. And yes! That’s the photo! Rice and 3 choices for $13.50 at an Indonesian place!

Then I went to have a hot drink as it’s so cold. I had an hour to waste before my Salsa class.

Waiting for class! Another 24 minutes to go. Watching the class before mine makes me smile! As they are still as awkward as I was a few months ago.