We are bracing for another lockdown! Still waiting to hear!

One case that was imported from another state has now ballooned within a month to now more cases and the government are scrambling.

He was in hotel quarantine..caught it from there and came back to Melbourne and gave it to people here.

Why the hell did they let him leave? When they had people testing positive in the hotel?

Incompetence to say the least! Then they gave us the wrong Woolies that he was at 😩

So now we are stuffed yet again.

Silver lining? It will be dead at work! No traffic! And if Mr Wanderer don’t bolt today? He’s stuck at home. Which means I’ll see him more.

He told me last night he was going to go mountain biking this weekend with his mates 😩

Only bad thing? I can’t see the kids as they are all over 18.

I was going to go inspect a place today near work. And then this lockdown kind of reminded me. If I move there I’m closer to work. But then not anywhere else?

At least here I can still head into the city..

My daughter sent me a version similar to this yesterday. She got worried.

Well I haven’t been to any of them.

The cafe is in the industrial area! Not near me.

The pub is not my regular haunt! I prefer a classier pub.

The third one is a pizza place! I get my pizzas from Dominos as they’ve got the one I like! Plus they are cheaper.

As for finance? That group looks after cars, boats and caravans so not me either.

I’m still in bed. Needs to get up and get moving.

Here is hoping the lockdown ends in a week! That’s what people are predicting 😩 or else I can’t go away.

Was hoping to go up north to visit my friend.