With a chance of rain. It’s grey and yucky outside. I’m procrastinating.

Hopefully you can’t see my reflection as I’m still in my bathrobe. It’s just past 2pm!

Mr Wanderer came by for dinner last night. I suspect to get away from his housemate’s kids!

He did bring my rack with him. Which meant he had to duck home after a client’s meeting. Even after I told him look don’t worry about it if you have to go out of your way. No hurry.

He must have felt bad about the weekend.

I’m supposed to be painting. I need to paint the welds so they don’t rust!

I asked him about Sunday thinking he had a great time spending with his sister and niece.

Anyhow apparently that wasn’t the case! His teen niece wasn’t very appreciative of him getting her a work experience stint or tickets to the netball game that they all went to see.

He was very excited when I dropped him off on Sunday only to be deflated by the whole experience!

In the end he didn’t have dinner with his sister and her family. He went walkies and had dinner alone! Sulking!

He was like I wasted the whole weekend! I did it for her? Why would I sit through a netball game? A girl’s game?

I was annoyed too! We could have gone away! The weather was just beautiful! The sun was out! It was nice and warm!

So I fed him this! His favourite with his cuppa to brighten his mood! He had two and didn’t whinge once about me making him fat!

Told him look she’s a teen! Awkward age! Let it go! Kids these days! Entitled! He was like stop making excuses! Well then may be it’s the way they are brought up?

We ended up watching a documentary about Dolly Parton last night! I didn’t know she wrote that song I will always love you?

By the time we got to bed it was 11:30pm. We slept in this morning. He always does when he’s at my place. He tells me because it’s so quiet.

I fed him breakkie and shipped him off this morning with some fruits for snack.

I should go and collect my mail! Do my tax. Get a move on my CPD. Have dinner in the city! I just can’t be bothered.

A container ship unloading at the dock!

On my walk yesterday with one of my girl friends. We’ve been walking every week.