Seven days my arse! Looks like it’s going to be extended! It’s gotten into the nursing homes again! And we had 11 cases today with mystery cases!

Someone posted this!

And well how true! We’ve only got 5 reasons to be out and about!

Exercise-2 hours each day



Care giving/Health


My work has just texted me to say it’s a short day on Wednesday. And of course they will pay me the 2 hours with Annual Leave!

I’ve managed to score an interview on Thursday. I applied for a Grade 2, 2 days permanent position at a public hospital!

I’m surprised I’ve gotten to the interview stage! As competition is stiff! And permanent positions are as rare as a hen’s teeth.

Problem is I’ve been out for a long time! Lots of experience but no post grads to back it up!

I applied on a whim as I’ve worked there before! Plus nothing to lose right?

My handy work yesterday.

I spent the day in the garden sorting Mr Wanderer’s green waste.

My walk today. Walked all the way to St Kilda and took away a bacon and egg roll for lunch!

I love the beach!

I’m thinking of getting this for Mr Wanderer’s birthday! He’s grumpy as! I told him last night in bed that I put up with the crap as I really really like him! But if he keeps on dishing it out? I’m off!

I’m supposed to be studying! My CPD is due in October! I’ve only got 3 points to my name! I need 40!

I’m sure there’s more floating around as I’ve been doing journals every time we went away. Just haven’t entered them into the computer.