I took off to the city today! I was the only one on the bus for most of the way! That’s why I love Port! The CBD is within my 5km.

The CBD was dead! So sad!

Our famous station with hardly anyone around.

Our riverside usually bustling! Not today!

I took the bus all the way to the market to grab lunch! A kransky in a roll for $8 and 5 donuts for $7.50. I’ve had one will have another one tonight with my hot water and saving 3 for work tomorrow.

As for the job front I applied for 2. One is a 2 days permanent and the other a casual position.

And guess what? I’ve scored an interview for both! I was like what? Very happy to be short listed! One seemed keen!

The hospitals are in the CBD thus on my light rail route. Makes it convenient!

The reason I applied is not because I need the money! It’s more for my brains! I need the stimulation! Plus it will add to my resume!

I’ve been away from the public system for near 4 years now. I’m worried if I don’t go back to it my clinical knowledge will fade away.

I need my foot in the door! I’d better go and study!