Not..I actually composed a letter to Mr Wanderer. A break up letter. Problem was I couldn’t give it to him.

I had a change of heart when I saw him. It sucks. He was early! He rode his bike over. And he was all nice and sweet.

That morning I took the light rail to the city.


Walked home

I didn’t prepare dinner so we had Thai take away.

Then watched TV.

The next morning I spent doing my CPD.

Half the time was spent going through the journals to find the assessments I did to enter them into the computer.

All those trips away helped. As every time he went riding I studied.

After lunch I went to the market to buy groceries to cook! Stir fried seafood rice noodles for dinner.

He said I out did myself. I told him he’d better eat it up as it will be awhile before the next lot.

He left after breakkie today. As he wanted to work on his Ute.

This morning I asked him do you think there’s a future for us? His reply was well we’ve lasted this long?

Today I made wontons for my freezer. Had some for lunch and I packed Mr Boardie a meal set.

He came over and we chatted a bit and he gave me a hug. It felt so nice. He thanked me for looking after him. I thanked him for looking after me.

The thing is one of my friends asked me why am I not with Mr Boardie? He’s perfect for me? I told her no. I’m not what he’s looking for? He’s already told me that awhile back. That’s why we are FWB! We started out as FWB.

I’ve missed his company! He’s a great bloke. A really nice guy.

He’s not too happy about me being with Mr Wanderer. He tells me he wants to see me happy.