Yes we are still locked down! Autumn leaves.

I went by tram to Richmond to grab some banh mi. Then walked back!

I love old buildings

Our Regent theatre.

The details!

I had to take this from inside the gate!

The beautiful doors and tiles.

Treated myself to a cup of Belgian hot chocolate.

I walked quite a bit on Sunday. Went for a walk with my cousin after to try to pry her out of her apartment.

She was very paranoid about catching COVID! As some of the shops near her was exposure sites. Plus weatherwise it wasn’t a very nice day!

Then a very short walk with Mr Wanderer to the pier whilst we waited for the rice to cook. He was hangry! The Spirit all lit up.

As for me? I’m waiting to see if Mr Wanderer wants dinner or not! If not I’ll just have something simple.

He’s wanting to go home to grab his trailer. He needs to go to Sunshine tomorrow for his COVID shot. That way he can detour to his rental to drop off stuff and check up on it.

We can travel for vaccinations here. That’s one of the 5 reasons to be out!

As for the job front I’ve attended the two interviews. One got back to me to say that I didn’t make it. They asked me would I mind if they keep my resume on file? They encouraged me to apply again if another opportunity arises.

The other one I won’t know for two weeks. They seemed keen. Not fussed either way!

Things happens for a reason! Getting older teaches you life is never as expected.