Yes I’ve been extra quiet as only got back late Monday night.

He came to pick me up around 4:30pm. I had no idea where we were heading! Just knew we had to be somewhere around 6pm. My guess was we were going to go listen to some live music.

I was partly right! We had dinner at Rubens in Hepburn Springs.

We both had the spaghetti marinara and garlic bread for entree. I was surprised when he ordered Spring water as the fluid of choice! I kind of guessed we’ll have drinks later on.

And we did! At the Palais just a few minutes walk down the road.

She was great!

He had wine and I had sparkling wine since we can’t call it champagne!

Don’t you just love the candle in the tea cup? How cute? It was like stepping back in time to the Art Deco era.

Afterwards we went to Mount Franklin to camp overnight. It went down to -1C that night. It was freezing! Thank goodness for the diesel heater and my wool doona.

The next morning we went walkies. Straight up the pine hill. Mt Franklin is an old volcano crater. It was steep! I think we went the wrong way! And when you’re half way up you need to scramble all the way up as the only other alternative is to go down and well that wasn’t an option.

He made it up way before me. I was struggling bad. Some parts I was down low trying to find footings. Pretty awful as there were pine needles everywhere though soft underfoot it was slippery! I also had my back pack and my down on as it was cold. By the time I finally made it up I was sweating like a pig!

No photos as I’ve posted it before in another post.

After the walk we went to find lunch. Hepburn Springs were busy as! So we made our way into Daylesford.

Daylesford was busy as well. Every man and his dog was there! The exodus from Melbourne after being let out?

I had the roast beef roll and he had the vegan cauliflower. I asked him so was any of his girl friends vegetarian? He replied NO! They all love sausage 😂

After lunch he went bike riding and I went shopping. Lots of weird and wonderful shops to poke my head into. First an op-shop.

I sent this photo to my girls. My oldest liked the flower one so I bought it for her.

We finished the day with dinner cooked on the fire. I was annoyed that he didn’t put my spices and sauces back in the caravan after using it.

Thus I marinated the steak with some salt, vegemite and chilli flakes. I called it the Aussie steak! He was very dubious 😂 I was like be adventurous! Should taste okie since vegemite reminded me of soy sauce 😂

Vegies to go with the steak.

He ended up finishing off the wine. I had a few sips.

Our beautiful fire to keep us warm.