Did the days go? Lately it feels like I don’t know what day it is?

I had 2 weeks off only to be called in to work on Thursday and Friday. The other pharmacist went and got his COVID shot and got really sick!

I suspect he’s run down and thus didn’t do so well. Where as my three kids all had theirs and no side effects.

Thursday night I had to go to the kids to grab the spare key as we had a security breach at my place! Some idiot went and left their fobs in their letter box!

All our storage cage got broken into and bikes got stolen! Thus they had to recode everyone’s remotes and fobs.

Then I went to the city, parked my car for my dance class at 7pm! I only got out of work at 5pm! It was a made rush! Had dinner at 6:45pm and walked across the street to the dance studio.

Luckily the restaurant was very understanding! My meal came out 5 minutes after I ordered.

Friday was mad! So busy! COVID catch up with electives!

Yesterday I went walkies as had to go grab lunch and order the food for today. I had to do it face to face so there’s no misunderstanding! My sisters all chipped in!

At night I popped out to a birthday dinner with the girls. Then home to spend with Mr Wanderer! The thing was he misunderstood and went out with his mate! Thinking it’s a girls’ night out and that I wouldn’t be home til late!

He dropped by this morning after midnight! I was annoyed! As I usually go to bed early.

Anyhow he must have noticed it so this morning he took me for a walk and coffee.

He’s gone off to his rental to do some work! Then this afternoon he’ll head to my parents’ place for dinner.

We are having a family dinner so I’ve invited him along. He’ll be able to meet everyone and well might as well get it over and done with!

That way they don’t wonder why I’ve hidden him away!

Plus my kids don’t want to meet him so have warned them that one of these days if I invite him to a family do they’ll have to meet him anyway! I’ve given them the heads up about tonight! Here is hoping they don’t hate me!

I think I’ve been very fair to them! Now it’s their turn to step up!

Now I’m heading into the city to buy stuff to make dessert! My sister’s husband is gluten intolerant.

I’m making this!

This afternoon I’ll have to go grab the take away! I’m organising food for everyone.

My walk yesterday! See the building with the yellow band! Tallest building in Australia! They sold a penthouse for 25M! Crazy? I don’t like high rises just in case there’s a fire!