Was out so I took off. I spent yesterday in bed bawling my eyes out.

Chatted to Mr Boardie who has just told me I can’t call him that as he’s now a Mr Chairie.

He was quite empathetic and I told him so. Apparently his parents didn’t accept his divorce for a whole year! Anyhow he didn’t talk to them for 6 months!

I’m thinking of doing the same. Feels like ditching my family. Most time I feel like I don’t belong! Like I’ve been adopted or something. Doesn’t matter what I do!

Plus if she’s calling me a daughter in-law it means I’m not really part of the family right? So I don’t have any responsibility right?

I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. I’m pulling away.

My dear sister sent me a feedback!

“Dad’s still trying to navigate this new situation, he’s 80 and he can’t adapt to change. I think you need to actually really listen to how mum& dad feel so that you can avoid these uncomfortable & hurtful situations. Sometimes in conversations, it’s not clear whether you have been able to hear what other people are saying. A dialogue is a two-way street. I’m giving you this feedback as it is important area you need to work on to improve your relationships and avoid uncomfortable confrontations like last night”

Just bloody lovely! Considering we’ve been separated and divorced for 3 years now!

I discovered a new laneway today.

How cool are these?

Now I’ve got to go grab groceries so can cook dinner and sort out breakfast. Mr Wanderer is coming for dinner.

He might be away this weekend so I guess this is in lieu of. His brother is having a drinking session to celebrate his new baby with no wife or kids! I was like how does that work? That’s not fair? Aussie tradition? Bull crap!

As for me I’ve got the kids Wednesday and Friday for dinner. Thursday I’m helping a friend move and then salsa in the city. Sunday there’s a donut festival in the city at the Queen Vic market that I’m going with the girls from Meetup.

Little fishies

I love it when I discover things.

I’m at peace now. I don’t want to be around people that don’t want me around. I don’t want to hurt anymore. I didn’t choose to be born into this family.