He went! He came over last night after the kids has left! We watched Le tour a bit drinking what was left in his wine bottle.

Since he was tired we called it a night at 11am. Waking up at 8am. He did a wham bam thank you mam and I fed him breakfast and he left.

I was disappointed thinking may be we could have had the morning and lunch together.

He didn’t tell me he was having lunch with his folks in Bendigo. I knew about him having drinks with his brother tonight.

Anyhow he’s on the way back telling me to expect him at 11:30pm and well now it’s like midnight since he’s forgotten to put petrol in and still got to drop by his rental to unhook the trailer.

It’s now 10:18pm. May be I’ll have to watch a movie whilst waiting for him.

He tells me I smother him. I asked him what about his exes? Did they smother him? Apparently not? As they were so busy doing their own things that’s why he’s so independent! Ha! What is he doing with me then?

I purposely didn’t date fishermen as I didn’t want to be a widow and guess what? I’m a widow anyway! A cyclist/handyman widow!