Mr Boardie went to an auction on the weekend to see a town house similar to the one we both attended a few weeks back!

The auction went crazy and well the owner pocketed an extra 200K just like that!

Not sure what he was playing at as he texted me this..a link to an apartment and a come live with me!

At first I thought he meant the link was for me to buy! I replied I can’t afford it! But he can?

Then when I had another read he meant come live with him! As the apartment had 2 bedrooms!

Anyhow he’s been real nice lately! Apart from telling me to ditch Mr Wanderer he’s been extending his help. He’s offered to come have a look at an apartment I’m interested in. I think it’s got water damage but it’s a 2 bedrooms and it’s got beautiful bay views! And well it’s got enough room for all of my crap! I’m not fussed either way! I need to stop it from going to auction though as it might go over my price range!

This evening I took myself for a walk into the CBD. The sun was setting.

I tried out a Thai restaurant that I didn’t realised existed!

I was a greedy guts! Only way to tell how good their food is, is to order their papaya salad!

I wasn’t satisfied so I topped it off with a boat noodle.

Paid $1 for two take away containers for the entree!

I came home and thought I’ll google the Melbourne money thingy! It turned out if you spend $50-$500 in Melbourne CBD you get a 20% rebate back!

It’s a scheme to bring people back into the CBD (Central Business District).

Which meant not only I scored lunch for tomorrow I also ate cheaply.

Mr Wanderer is off to Tocumwal again early tomorrow. The poor thing is all over the place. I won’t see him til Wednesday night now when he’s due to be back.

Since my kids want dinner in Box Hill I’ll head to his place after.

They tend to want dinner on Wednesdays now and it’s a pain as I’m usually buggered from work and still have to rush around fighting peak traffic to find somewhere for us to eat. That’s either close to them or me or midway as the eldest works now.

It’s a constant juggling act. One good thing I get my first Pfizer jab on Friday.