Our cases has gone up! It’s 77 new cases today! Not as bad as NSW..they’ve got 825!

On Thursday night I took the bus in. The building is the old Queen Victoria hospital.

Behind it is the QV complex. With an outdoor area like a square and laneways coming off the square.

There’s restaurants all around the square. Plus a food court on the lower level.

The Thai one that I go to for boat noodle soup is in one of the laneways.

What you do is go in and order and come back out to wait for your order. That way you’re outdoor and less of a risk. There’s a mask rule indoor and outdoor.

One of our new trains. I caught a train from Melbourne Central to Southern Cross to connect with my light rail (tram).

The seats are very colourful.

You can see where it is in relation to where I am. I can also walk to Collins to catch the light rail! That’s the second green line parallel to the riverside.

From Melbourne Central to Southern Cross is only 4 minutes by train. Then another few minutes to the tram stop.

The tram stop is just outside of the station on Collins St. The green dots are the tram stops.

If I don’t feel like the tram I can catch a bus too. The bus services Bay St which is the white line you can see near to me (parallel to Pickles St). There’s a stop near Graham St (intersecting white line) thus very close to me and less distance to walk than the tram stop.

Why do I catch the tram? It’s because they are more reliable! They run regularly! Sometimes the bus don’t come!

My boat noodle soup. I added extra spinach leaves to increase my vegies intake.