We headed to St Kilda for a coffee on Tuesday afternoon.

He looked so happy I couldn’t resist! You can see our bikes there on the right. Only coffees this time no cakes. I had a hot chocolate.

I went to work yesterday only to find out a sex worker has tested positive for Covid in St Kilda! Imagine all the mystery cases!

So now they are asking everyone in St Kilda to get tested! Our new cases has ballooned to 57 today! Instead of being in the 20s!

Our usual breakfast! Tea for him and an instant for me. We usually has Just Right with honey and fruits. Depending on what fruits I have! His bowl is the big one with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

When we are at his place we have Weet Bix. Personally? It tastes like cardboard! So most time I BYO my Just Right. Can’t stomach the stuff!

We rode into the city today giving St Kilda a wide berth.

I took Mr Wanderer to go have a look at laneway he hasn’t been to! You can see him there in his cycling gear. He’s just too cute 😍😍😍😍😍

How cool is all of this?

Apparently this cafe in the Royal Arcade does single origin coffee from all over the world for long black drinkers! All lattes get the house blend! We Melbournians love our coffee!

I’d hate to be in NZ during lockdown! They are so strict that you can’t even have take away coffees or take away food.

We’d never survive!

As for us we are doing okie. Mr Wanderer has been very sweet. He texted me yesterday at work..

Mr Wanderer: Want me to arrange dinner tonight?

Me:Pretty yes please thank you 😘😘

I came home to the lights dimmed! Radio on with music and him nowhere in sight.

His idea of organising dinner was take away. Since he was working as well just from home. We had a Greek platter with mixed gyros meat, two salads, chips and bread with a dip.

My tech was very jealous! She said she had 3 at home and she still has to cook dinner when she gets back!