The weekend has come and gone! Saturday Melbourne had a big protest! Freedom rally! More like a freedumb rally.

What are they thinking? 4000 of them and violent too! Thugs! Just means we will be locked down forever 😩

I didn’t go riding because of that. And since I was craving Pho I walked instead. Kind of worried I’d spill it on the way back if I went by bike. Plus my arms were sore and weak.

Yesterday I went for a walk with a Meetup friend to St Kilda and back. I was so buggered I had a nap after.

On my walk back home.

By the time I woke up it was close to 3pm. The lazy bit in me didn’t want to go riding. It was very windy and I was dreading it.

Anyhow I made an effort. After all a commitment is a commitment.

Facing the other direction.

You can see Flinders St station down the end.

This is another entrance to the station. Entrance to the right.

A new one I’ve just found.

A nice French place here. I’ve never been. How do I know? There’s always people lining up there.

Spring must be coming. Our town hall is positively blooming.

Our strawberries are going cheap! Our farmers are suffering because of lockdown. The restaurants are closed! Surplus produce must be sold elsewhere. Usually they are $3 a punnet.

Mr Wanderer came over with 3 steaks for our dinner today! Gift from a client. Two looks okie! They expired yesterday.

One massive one expired 15/8/21. I told him it looks off. I’m not eating it! He then replied they didn’t deliver until 19/8/21.

His client must have bought them cheap with short expiry dates lol.

We are off soon for another bike ride into the city. After his phone calls to his clients. One good thing about lock downs. I get to see more of him.