Bike ride.

The bike racks were up further and we couldn’t be bothered. So I locked up the bikes to the post.

You can see Mr Wanderer there with his back to the shopfront. Cute little place! They are so tiny they only let 2 people in at a time.

I love the arcades and laneways

Beautiful intricate lead lights.

Art work on the windows.

Depicting life in lockdown.

You can see the spire! That’s our Art centre. The circular building in the foreground is Hamer Hall, our concert hall.

The building with a ruler is our Eureka building. Ruler depicts the rulers used to measure the gold. The glass is gold plated! To represent the gold from the gold rush era. The red strip the blood shed from the Eureka stockade.

It used to be the tallest in Melbourne now over taken by the Australia 108.

Which you can see here with the gold band on it.

Since it was late after coffee we cycled further in to buy lunch. I grabbed two ready made meals. Tied them to my bike rack as he had none on his mountain bike and we rode to the riverbank.

The last photo was our lunch view! The cops passed us by and didn’t bat an eyelid.

During lockdown you’re not supposed to gather or stay put. You’re supposed to be continually on the move.

Guess they are just like us. We are all getting tired of lockdowns. What harm if people just wanting to sit in the fresh air to have lunch?

The opened wine bottle he brought to have with the steaks. The steaks were yummo. I did have a smell and washed them first.

Mr Wanderer went and had a Covid test yesterday in the late afternoon so we are both in isolation today. He had to wait for more than an hour to be tested.

I think it’s just another cold. Guess he’s doing the right thing since he’s got a meeting with his clients on Thursday.

Plus if he hasn’t got it then I haven’t got it. I only tested two weeks ago.

Fingers crossed the results come back today! As I’m due at the hospital tomorrow😩