That’s all we had last night. He went home during the day. Then rode his bike to Richmond after work.

He rang me just before I left from work. His great idea was to come back to my place to have Greek for dinner. The thing was he only had $20 on him!

I drove home as fast as I could. Got back around 6:40pm.

He asked me if I wanted to meet him at the restaurant or at home? As I needed to give him some money for the meal.

I replied I’ve been running around all day at work and my knee is sore. Would he mind dropping by to grab the money?

He didn’t come back til 7:30pm! We ate and talked a bit. He kept on silencing his calls during dinner as whilst waiting he must have rang every man and his dog and they were busy!

He left at 8:30pm to meet curfew at 9pm! A bit ambitious as it’s an hour 12 by google’s estimate! It took him 50 minutes.

Today I spent the morning doing my washing. I made $40 today! Finally sold my grill plate for my Baby Weber. I made $230 in total by splitting my parts!

Went to the Post Office to collect my newest toy! It will be good for my take aways 😂

Caught the bus to the city. And indulged in a Canele from Agathe.

I walked around as it was a beautiful, warm day. It reached 26C! Or about 79F!

Across from Melbourne Central Station/Shopping Centre.

Our state library

People were social distancing.

And more high rises!

Still my favourite train station! To connect with my light rail. The station has two levels. The bottom is for the regional/country trains.

We are locked down in our 5km radius for another 3 weeks! I’ll try to walk in different directions for another view of Melbourne.