Monday I didn’t ride. I caught the tram in.

They took months to do this! Paved the area next to the tram tracks and put in street furniture!

My son was like construction has finished but I can’t see anything different?

Views to Flinders St station and the underpass from the CBD end.

I was naughty as I bought a KFC meal and went to the riverside to eat.

This wide bit of the river is the turning basin. It was where the ships came in and turned around. Very expensive realestate back in the olden days.

Just for fun! From my local Coles supermarket! Since I didn’t go to the market on Sunday!

We buy them per kilo.

Costs of living has gone up with Covid! My grocery bills seems higher now than before.

I made him his favourite. Ginger chicken, pretty much chicken thigh, brown onion, ginger, some sweet soya and fish sauce. Ginger was $55 a kilo! And no it’s not a typo!

Because I wanted some chicken for my vegie soup.

Yesterday I had to dismantle my shelvings

To make room for my freezer! Mr Wanderer helped me put it into place.

Tuesday we rode in late.

The guy at the coffee shop gave us free pastry.

On the way back we rode all the way down South wharf! It took us to the freeway!

Mr Wanderer looked at me? Then he U turned! We then went through the DFO thinking we will head back like last time. We ended up at the freeway entrance again!

So we rode in the tiny green bike lane. Until we could get on to the pavement. I was terrified. Cars were everywhere.

We lived to tell the tale! I wasn’t very impressed with him!

As before that we’d rode from the CBD back through roads and roadworks. It was stressful as is!

I made twice cooked pork..aka roast pork casserole. With preserved mustard and tofu.

Don’t think Mr Wanderer liked it at all! He preferred the tofu to the pork! And he only had 1 serve of rice 😂 that’s how I can tell how much he likes it!

He’s always polite. But I can tell!