For Sunday.

Not sure what they are doing on the other side? Must be the same as this side. It’s to stop cars ramming into the pedestrians. We’ve had a few incidents.

I was good!

Juice to go with it. This was my 5pm dinner!

Lit up lane way.

Lane to Melbourne Central advertising the collection for the NGV. National gallery of Victoria.

Southern cross station. The trains all depart from downstairs! Just in case you all got confused!

The gates are separated! So all regional gates are mostly downstairs and gates for metro trains are upstairs then we take the escalators or lifts down to the platforms.

I am a greedy guts as I ate this as well when I got home. Fermented sausages from the Thai place in the city.

I also took away a boat noodle soup for lunch today.

Mr Wanderer was moping around! He was in such a grumpy mood he chucked his phone whilst I was on it! I hung up and told him forget it! I’m not coming around if I wasn’t wanted.

It’s because it was Father’s Day yesterday and he hasn’t heard from his daughter. I mean come on! He hasn’t heard from her for 5+ years! It’s not like she’s going to talk to him now lol

He phoned me later to apologise. Told him I just wanted to come and give him cuddles and what’s the point of me? When I can’t be there when he’s sad?

I was so blue yesterday. Felt rejected! So took off for a walk.

As for him he was going to go for a bike ride before his mate come over! Stayed til curfew! Same guy I dated before him!

He dug it in again. You know T is always early! You’d like that. It’s like he’s the marketing department for his mate! And I’m the client!

That’s why he didn’t want me to come over! He had things to do and he didn’t want me to run into his mate!

Why would it matters? His mate is seeing a girl now! It’s not like he’s single?

Also just realised my ex is still a contact on my FB. Last night I was like sh..t he knows everything that’s been going on with me!

Anyhow all good. It’s not like we are mortal enemies or anything like that.