I’m trying to sort out my place! What is there to do during lockdown?

We are so behind! So looks like we’d be locked down for awhile! Even NSW (Sydney) is beating us!

I’ve moved the kids’ lockers next to the dining table. Still wondering if I should get rid of them. They do come in handy.

It is so we can move the bikes through more easier. It was against the wall and blocking half of the hallway.

Whilst at it I gave my shelves a good wipe and rearranged my books! Half of them was up on top of the lockers. And since I gave my novels away I’ve found room for them.

I need to get rid of more books. Mr Wanderer advised me not to as it shows my personality.

I’ve applied for another job. It’s a customer service job at a garden. They wanted someone to lead tours. Since there was multiple positions available I sent it through to my tour guiding friend.

She needs the money and desperately hate her community care job. Told Mr Wanderer I just applied and if I get it all good. If not then it’s okie. I’m sure there are lots of tour guides that needs it more than me. Including my friend.

The sun is out! I’m going to go hang out a load of clothes and go cycling into the city. It’s only 1:13pm here. Yes! I don’t dry my clothes in a dryer. I hang them out to dry!