I’m resting before heading out again! I need to grab some groceries.

Today we had 334 new cases! How depressing!

So I treated myself to a cinnamon and chocolate scroll from Austro in South Melbourne!

If you go too late there’s none left! This was the third time I’ve gone. Must be my lucky day!

I went to South Melbourne for a reason. Woolies had a sale on! So bought a container and a lunch box.

Cheap and cheery so I can carry my take away back! It’s the noodle soups I have trouble with!

Not many photos today.

St Francis

Second dessert for today! This is the icy grass jelly special with taro balls and extra red beans!

Down the bottom is finely shaved ice with brown sugar syrup running through it! It’s yummo!

I’d hate to think of all the calories I’ve popped into my belly today! Including a souvlaki for lunch!

Funny how you don’t notice when you walk around? Inlays in the pavers.

My mixed Pho made it home safe and sound! Guess what I am having for dinner?

My in charge texted me today. Looks like I’ll be covering him next Friday. Oh well the extra money will come in handy. Only thing is the shops are all closed 😂 Plus what is there to do during lockdown? Zilch!