Cycling today.

Don’t you just love the details? And it’s not even a proper balcony! What the?

Hardware lane again. A businessman checking out the menu at lunchtime.

When it’s cold the heaters goes on! I like it that they’ve set the down pipes inside the bricks! Looks much neater.

This must be part of the set! Not as nice as they’ve bricked up the window.

The upper storeys.

Can you see the cute hooks?

The countdown! Mr Wandering was wondering what it is counting down to? I thought it might be the new decade? 2030?

Another laneway. This one is a clean one. I love the street lights. I wonder what those horizontal logs are for?

I took the cheat way again today by going down the underpass! We went and had coffee at another place! $9.20 for two coffees! Expensive much?

I think at this rate we will go back to our mate Miguel in the Royal Arcade. His coffees are cheaper!

Mr Wanderer showed me where to lift the bike so it’s more efficient! I can pretty much lift it up the steps at Flinders with no problem now.

Last night he said I’m just like his mum! I don’t know if I should feel offended or not! I asked him is it because I feed him food? To which he answered yes!

He’s since gone home! I have the next few days to myself!