I made myself ride yesterday. Since I didn’t ride on Saturday.

Captain Cook’s cottage. Transported to Melbourne from the UK and put back brick by brick.

I met up with my cousin. She lives across from Southern Cross station. I nearly bought into her complex. Only reason I didn’t was because the two bedrooms I wanted was too expensive back then. Plus I wasn’t sure about high rises.

We headed off to Fitzroy Gardens. It rivals the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The tulips are blooming.

I think I photo bombed the couple taking selfies.

So pretty I couldn’t resist taking photos after photos.

The conservatory was closed. Looked like they’ve finally finished fixing up the glass roof.

Then we walked back to the city for me to buy dinner.

Was craving for some ramen. My usual one was closed. This is one of their other branch. They only serve either chicken or lobster broth ramen. Not the garlic, pork one I usually have

It made it safe and sound home in my carrier. I added some bean shoots to it from when I had the Pho.

As for me? Not too sure. I rode back in the rain with no rain jacket. It was miserable, cold and wet. I did think about it but thought I’d be back before the rain.

Fingers crossed I don’t end up with a cold.