I’m watching the afternoon news. We rode in today.

Mr Wanderer on his phone. He thinks those log thingy are to stop horses and carriages bumping into the buildings.

These are offices.

I love how the hoists have little penthouses 😂 they are too cute!

All historical significant buildings have these blue plaques.

My recipe might have made it into a book. My old school asked me for my exit year this morning. To put next to my name.

Work was horrible yesterday. Our surgical ward has 32 beds. Ever since I’ve been there , near 3 years? It’s only been full a handful of time!

Yesterday it was full! Not only that patients spilled into the HDU or high dependency unit down stairs as well! So another 4 was in there. Then some overnight cases were sent home straight from DPU (day procedure unit).

It was crazy! There’s no beds left! The goss was one of the private hospitals didn’t have staff! Furloughed from Covid and so they ended up at ours.

The surgeons are all operating like crazy. Guess better to get it done now before our hospitals are all clogged up with Covid cases.

I’m due at the hospital again tomorrow. I’m dreading it. Instead of my tech I’m getting a newly qualified! If I had known I might not have accepted the shift! My manager was being shifty! He didn’t tell me about my tech until after I accepted my shift!

I’m tired! I think we are all tired! This can’t go on forever! We’d all be burnt out. Some nurses are doing 16 hours shifts.

We are lucky as our hospital don’t deal with Covid patients. At least it’s something.

Came home yesterday to find he’s popped my dishes away. See all the cups right side up? It’s his doing! Also he didn’t know where to put my pasta plates so he had to balance the cereal bowls on top of my rice bowls. He’s also made the bed!

I baked these on Tuesday. Blueberries scones.

2 cups of self raising flour.

150ml of cream

1/2 cup of lemonade.


200C fan forced for 15 minutes.

Works every time nice and fluffy. Had to give the dough extra flour as it was a sticky mess.

I’m working backwards.

On Monday I went wandering.

I rode in to the city. Left my bike at the river and rode two trams and walked to find my banh mi in West Melbourne.

It’s $1 more expensive than in Richmond but no queue so win win. Plus it’s within my 5km.


Then I sat by the river to have my dessert before heading back.