Is happening. I’m recovering again. Yesterday was a nightmare of a day!

Got caught in traffic so just got to work on time!

Then at 9am when my newly qualified was supposed to come in? He rang to say he couldn’t as he’s been exposed!

So I asked him? What about his replacement? Apparently he had no idea? I was like what the?

Next thing I did was ring the area manager. Told him I needed someone ASAP! As I’m flooded with scripts! I can’t cope!

He probably couldn’t find anyone so he sent me his tech! I had her for half a day until it calmed down. And so I thought!

I sent her back! As he had no one and was due to go on leave for 2 weeks!

That’s the state of affairs now! Exposed? That’s a staff gone for 2 days! Isolation and no work until a negative test!

The system is struggling! But then it could be worse! If it’s a tier one? You’ll have to isolate for 14 days!

How can a hospital cope when hundreds of staff are in ISO? There’s no replacement! The staff left has to shoulder on the work! We are all fatigued!

Today they’ve closed down the CBD. No public transport is stopping there. Only essential workers and vaccinations are allowed in.

It’s because of a protest being planned today.

We’ve reached 70% first dose so they’ve relaxed the restrictions by a bit.

We can go up to 10km radius and can exercise for 4 hours.

If you’re fully vaccinated you can meet in groups of 5? Outdoor!

Anyhow that’s all for today! I’m taking it easy. Will head to the market for groceries and lunch.