Wandering. We can go 10km now. I wanted to ride further today but it was so windy I decided against it.

Our GPO.

Another lane. I never knew there was a brewery there?

Kransky in bread. At the Queen Vic market.

How cool is this building?

Another brewery..

This is a new one?

For the police horses?

I just love the old lamps.

The other side! You can read about the sculpture below.


I went walkies with a girl friend. She lives in Richmond. We met in the middle.

The pavers

Close ups.

On way back.

The side of my favourite cathedral. Not as glamorous as the front of it.

I love it that they’ve rejigged the bike lanes. I wouldn’t mind riding if the whole CBD was like this. The thing is as soon as it hits the CBD it stops! So I think they want the cyclists to detour to another street to go through the CBD. As Lonsdale is where all the buses goes.

Got home in one piece. At one point I thought I had to walk my bike all the way back as the gusts nearly blew me over as I was walking to my bike.