Lots of them as today was sunny! So I took myself off after a slow start this morning.

Gave Mr Wanderer his breakkie and off he went to his meeting.

I headed off into the city on my bike. I locked it up as usual and went wandering.

that’s what the flower up top looks like.

It’s more to sus out the bike routes.

Nearly forgot the wombat!

I retraced the route we took from Richmond in.

The William Barak bridge that connects the MCG to the Marr.

View of the city as trains from the East and South East rolls in.

More trains going the other way.

The other bridge joins to the sport precinct.

The tennis arenas

I found a map!

the Federation bells.

The bridge. At night the building at the end lights up.

Underneath it all hides the sustainability of the Marr.


On the job front the second one got back to me today. They told me they are keen to secure me even before interviewing. My CV must have looked good 😂

The recruiting person said to me the manager needs to discuss with her manager as to how much to offer me.

I’ve told them I wanted them to match my current wage. Anyhow we will see. Very nice to be wanted.

I ended up with 27,427 steps today. Came home only to head out again just to catch up with Mr Boardie aka Mr Chairie.

Our short walk turned out to be a long walk so we could catch up. It’s really nice to see him again.

I have a soft spot for him.