My friend and I were mucking around and she told me I should ask? So I did. Her cards told me Mr Wanderer is not long term and that I’d know the answer in another few weeks!

Oh well we will see how it goes! He’s getting better. He brought stuff to sort out my place and since he was rushing this morning I told him it can wait til next time.

Last night we watched Rocketman. His idea! He let me choose. I joked a romance? He was like okie.

He did wash the dishes for me last night. This morning I ironed his shirt for him and he washed the dishes again.

I think his love language is service.

I don’t need to store my vaccination certificate on my phone now.

I can easily retrieve it as our check in app now has a function.

See the second square? You can only add your certificate from the Medicare or MyGov website to prevent fraudulent certificates.

Problem is every state is different. So if I’m to go to Sydney I’d need to download their app and link the certificate to it. A real pain!

As for the job front I’ve already had my interview. They’ll get back to me by Friday. I think I bombed out again.

They did ask me to send in the second referee contact number. As they wanted 2 referees that I’ve worked with recently.

The hospital is about an hour drive away which sucks. It’s a 0.5 position which means two days one week and 3 days the other week.

I think they wanted someone for Monday and Friday and may be a Thursday. Which means no more long weekends if I do get the position.

That’s why they interviewed me as in my cover letter I specifically told them I wanted to keep my job. And this position was only to add to my days.

Anyhow I tried my best. If I don’t get it I don’t get it!

I’m still waiting to hear from the other mob. It’s closer to home so a better position to have. Just it’s private again and my hourly rate might be too high for them to consider!