Yes really. Yesterday I went walkies to the market with a friend. She’s Mr Wanderer’s age and always running late!

I got a bit annoyed with her! Then in the afternoon I headed over to Mr Boardie to give him some chocolate. I bought 10 bars the other week and well I needed to get rid of them so I don’t eat as much 😂

We ended up with a nice long chat and he gave me two long hugs 😍

Mr Wanderer is not a hugger and I miss them. Anyhow Mr Boardie was like whenever you want them just let me know.

After that I headed home. And went online shopping. I bought a pair of runners to replace my holey one.

And also a spin bike to do work outs when it rains. No idea where to put it as yet as my place is chocker block. I need to declutter!

Mr Wanderer was like you’ve got to be kidding? I have to remember that it’s my apartment and not his! He has no say! He can suggest stuff but that’s as far as it will go!

I’ve been looking at apartments again. What I really want is a 2 beds, 2 baths and not a car stacker!

And for a one bedroom mine still trumps. I can’t find anything suitable.

1/ I can leave my back door open when I go out to air the place.

2/ I’ve got room for my lines to hang out my clothes and not having my place looking like a Chinese laundry.

As most blocks won’t let you hang them on the balcony due to fire hazards. And the front ones faces the street so no privacy.

3/ I’ve got a big living area

4/ it’s on ground floor I don’t need to rely on the lifts. I can pretty much be out of the door and block pretty quick not down a long corridor like some.

5/ and you can’t beat the location

6/ best of all I’ve got a nice kitchen to cook. It’s hard to find apartments with 2 sinks or with gas. Let alone one with 2 sinks and a drainer with gas. Admittedly I had to put in the drainer. I can’t imagine wanting to do that again!

So I’m back to square 1!

Mr Boardie sent me this one near his!

I told him not enough room! It looks okie on paper but I’ve been through one similar and it’s tiny! Plus there’s no privacy 😩 Also the little ones like his has no lifts!

And if you’re wondering about the price? A premium apartment in Port sells at 10K per m2! Or roughly 10K for 10 square feet. It’s crazy prices.