It was a lovely day. The city looked half alive again.

I rode in and went walkies. This time on the other side of the river. Lots of people having a picnic.

It’s always brown looking but it’s one of the cleanest river around! It’s an upside down river as the fresh water from the mountain comes down to mix with the sea water. The tidals in turn lift up the sediments and makes it murky brown.

This side of the Yarra is preferred over the other side! It’s on the higher side this less proned to floods in the colonial days.

Even now realestate wise South Yarra is way more expensive than Richmond.

I just love the old architecture.

It was a long walk 😂

And then there’s the school that I went to my first social.

It’s a prestigious selective boy school that boasts the likes of Lindsay Fox. Also our brother school!

Further along the river. This is my favourite bridge. It’s really pretty.


An old hotel.

Pity the trees blocked the view.

Tudor style.

The train station where I hanged out for 4 years! The students from the girls school would congregate there as that’s where all the boys from the boys schools are!

From memory there were 4 schools close by? And even if they weren’t close by everyone knew that’s the place to be 😂